9 Reasons Shih Tzus Make the Best Therapist

Are you feeling stressed out? Have you had a rough week? Do you feel down? While you may be tempted to contact an expensive therapist, did you know that you have a therapist right in your own home? You do - and it's your Shih Tzu!

Sounds silly, doesn't it? After all, it's not like your dog can give you life-changing advice. Your dog is, however, a great listener and can help turn around your mood without having to spend hundreds of dollars per hour. Read on to find out nine reasons why Shih Tzus make the best therapists!

1. They Are Your Best Friend

Most Shih Tzu owners consider their pet to be one of their best friends, and you're probably no exception. The great thing about your four-leged friend is that they won't judge you. Tell a human friend about your problems, and you may worry later about being judged. Your Shih Tzu will only listen to you - and will never judge you for what you're thinking or feeling.

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