The Right Shih Tzu Haircut?

Shih Tzu is known for its cute face, expressive eyes and distinct hair. Its hair is possibly the first thing you would notice. It is splendorous and grows very fast. That also poses a huge challenge for those who have a Shih Tzu at home. One has to invest time and money on grooming the pup or dog’s hair. And that kind of grooming can be quite demanding. On a positive note, most people who have a Shih Tzu actually love to experiment with the canine’s hair and that makes for a fascinating experience.

You will be a tad confused when you have to pick a haircut for your Shih Tzu. Hence, here are some different Shih Tzu haircuts that you can consider.

  • You can opt for the puppy cut. Also known as the summer cut, the puppy cut is cute and relatively simple. It is also more affordable and very easy to manage. Most people don’t like this cut because it appears to be a waste of all that hair that is available and the myriad ways that one can style a Shih Tzu. But one also has to look at practicality. Not everyone can spend a lot of time on attending to a Shih Tzu’s hair. The puppy cut prevents overheating and can protect the puppy or the dog from heat exhaustion. That is why it is called the summer cut. The puppy cut usually involves trimming the hair until it is at the most two niches and that is uniform all across. While this hairstyle is easier to maintain, you would still have to get rid of tangles and knots from time to time. Regular brushing and hair grooming will still be necessary.


  • There are a few variants of the puppy cut. There is a short cropped summer cut and a longer puppy cut that involves a fuller coat and especially at the chest.
  • Another popular choice is the teddy bear cut. This cut makes the pup or dog look more like a stuffed animal and it is super cute. However, this cut will not look great on a Shih Tzu that has a more elongated face or a very slim body.
  • The top knot cut is one of the more popular choices. It can be a ‘practical’ knot or a ‘show’ knot. This hairstyle is expensive and very hard to maintain. But your Shih Tzu will look like a showstopper.


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4 Responses

  1. Dominic Otero says:

    I leave his beard a little longer and his ears and tail.

  2. Maureen Cummings says:

    Very interesting and things I didn’t know, thank you.

  3. Dorothy Boeving says:

    What blade # do you use on the body for the summer cut? Thank you

  4. lyssa says:

    you can you 5,7 or 10 i use Laube on my Andis clipper instead of Andis blades , its very sharp and one wrong move of the dog would wound it

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