The delightful Schweenie – a cross between the Shih Tzu and Dachshund – is every bit as adorable as his name sounds. An ideal family pet, the Schweenie is bright, friendly and affectionate. While they can occasionally be a little bit moody, they're never bad-tempered and they're always eager to please their owners. In fact, they want to be with their owners as much as possible and experience separation anxiety when left alone for long periods, so prospective owners should be aware of this.


Schweenies are highly adaptable and can live quite happily in small spaces, so they're well-suited to apartment life. They need around 30 minutes of exercise per day and, while they enjoy being outdoors, short walks and indoor play is sufficient exercise for most Schweenies. They'll never pass up a chance to play with their owners, especially if there's likely to be a nap afterwards – Schweenies are the ultimate lapdogs.

Diet & Health

Despite their small size, Schweenies are sturdy little dogs. While they won't grow taller than the average Shih Tzu (usually around 11-20 inches), their Dachshund lineage means that, compared to other Shih Tzu crosses, they're noticeably longer. Their coats are typically of medium length and rust-colored, but the color can vary somewhat and they can have a range of markings.

Schweenies typically weigh between 9-20lbs and should be fed high-quality dry kibble for optimum health. This is also recommended to help prevent tooth decay. Potential health issues include eye problems, diabetes and kidney and liver problems, although on the whole Schweenies are generally quite healthy.


Schweenies are very bright and more than capable of learning commands. Schweenies need consistency and lots of encouragement when training, so owners should ensure that they are praised and rewarded – positive reinforcement, rather than harsh words, is key. As with other small cross-breeds, Schweenies can be difficult to housetrain, so patience and persistence is required in the early months.

With his charming temperament, beautiful features and delightful personality, the Schweenie is suitable for families with children, singletons and the elderly alike. He gets along well with other dogs and household pets and brings fun and happiness everywhere he goes, making him just about the perfect companion pet.

Schweenie Facts:

Schweenies can be rather needy and rarely like to be apart from their owners (but with a pup this cute, what owner would want to be apart from it anyway?!).

Schweenies have larger than average front legs, which are useful as they do enjoy digging. They're also known to be fond of chewing!

The average Schweenie has a life expectancy of between 12-15 years.

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