10 Shih Tzu Dog Names with Their Meaning

When it comes to naming a Shih Tzu breed, most owners rack their brains and just can’t seem to come up a perfectly unique Shih Tzu name. Others may just wait until the ideal name comes to them.

The secret to naming your Shih Tzu? Use your dog's personality or physical traits to come up with the perfect name. Still racking your brain? Don't worry. You can use this handy list of the top 10 names for your Shih Tzu. Go through the list and pick your favorite, or use one as inspiration for your own unique name for your pet.

1. Bianca

This is a good choice if your Shih Tzu is white. This is a suitable name because it translates to mean "pure or white in color." You may want to reconsider if your dog is multi-colored, but feel free to choose it if you just like the sound of it!

2. Amigo

Amigo means friend or companion. This is a suitable name for all puppies, no matter what they look like or what personality traits they exhibit. This is the perfect name a child can use for his new best friend.

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