Shih Tzu Love Story

Stuffed toys are marvelous - no matter how old you are. These cute characters may just be inanimate objects, but they are flled with so much charm, softness and, of course, they are adorable.

Stuffed toys make great gifts for any occasion, and the recipient will almost always giggle or smile when seeing something so cute. When you think about it, stuffed toys are very similar to dogs. They are both irresistibly cute and can both put humans in a very good mood.

But what if a dog has found a stuffed toy so irresistible that the two are now best friends? Wonder no more. Meet Abby, a sweet Shih Tzu who has found love in Juno, her equally cute stuffed toy.

In this adorable video, Abby and Juno’s sweet moments are captured. They are clearly inseparable.

Abby prefers bringing along Juno wherever she goes, and it is impossible to find one without the other.

Their love story may be one-of-a-kind, but with so many crazy things happening in the world, this sweet video is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Filled with their sweet nothings – kisses, nose to nose and lying on each other’s side - this clip will surely put you a smile on your face.

Perhaps you may wonder how a Shih Tzu ended up clinging to a doll that looks like her? Dogs are smart creatures, and Abby surely knows that Juno is not a real dog. But clearly, she grew fond of her toy.

Maybe Juno makes her feel she has company, or cures her boredom. Whatever the reason, only Abby can answer. But for the smitten audience, we can only just speculate.

The most important thing is that Abby is happy and she enjoys Juno. As they play on the bed, sleep and rest together, you’ll realize how having somebody by your side – even a stuffed toy or puppy - can make the world a better place.

Abby and Juno will show you that true love really does exist. Hit play and experience the adorable bond between these two. You'll be glad you did.

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