Shih Tzu & Parrot: Can we be friends?

Animals are interesting creatures. Even when they come from completely different species, they may still form a bond and friendship that even humans cannot fully understand.

One of the places you can see such interactions is within your home. If you have more than one pet, perhaps you've witnessed this phenomenon. Perhaps your Shih Tzu is best buds with your cat or likes to watch your fish, lizard, or snake.

This cute video shows off the interactions between different types of animals. In this short clip, Abba and Cleo show off a unique relationship between a Shih Tzu and an African lovebird.

According to their owner, Abba has been trying to win over Cleo, who is very hesitant to get to know the pooch.

Whenever Abba tries to introduce herself, Cleo always flies away. We can't really blame the bird - if a fluffy animal you'd never seen before came running at you, panting and drooling, how would you react?

However, Abba means no harm, and Cleo needs to learn that she may make a very unusual - but great - pal.

Abba seems like a very sweet pooch and would just love to gain a new friend. After all, Shih Tzus are very social creatures that just want to find new playmates. You would rarely find a Shih Tzu that is not outgoing and ready to make a new friend.

Unfortunately, in this video, Abba just didn't have any luck. The peach face lutino lovebird still needs more time before opening her heart to Abba.

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