Shih Tzu Sees His Favorite Cookie On The Table, Takes Begging To A Whole New Level

If you're having a bad day or you just want to watch something adorable and funny, check out this video.

The video stars an adorable Shih Tzu named Skippy who sees his favorite cookie sitting on a plate. When he spots the cookie, Skippy just can't stop begging, hoping to get just a taste.

While most dogs would sit still, simply wagging their tails and waiting for their owner to give the cookie, Skippy has an unusual method to convince his owner. He sits up and moves his arms, begging continously. He even barks at the cookie. What a dog!

The only thing missing here is listening to the Shih Tzu say PLEASE LET ME TAKE A BITE!

Despite the fact that it isn't in the video, the owner of Skippy said:

Skippy got a doggy treat immediately after this, don't worry!! :)
Good for Skippy!

Check out the video below:

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