A Shih Tzu’s First Meal

Puppies are tiny, but they can certainly be gluttonous. When presented with a savory meal, these little animals have a tendency to go a little bit crazy. When you throw more than one puppy in the mix, things can get downright chaotic. When puppies are accustomed to eating together, they will eat as fast and as much as they can since they know that competition is high. However, if you feed your puppies individually, they usually end up choosy with their meals and have a tendency to eat far less. When it comes to how your puppy eats, it doesn't really matter whether you feed him or her individually or with a group, or if the puppy eats fast or slow. The most important thing is that you provide them with a balanced diet food that is nutritious and healthy.

Speaking of food, this little Shih Tzu here is very excited to be eating. We are guessing this is his first real meal aside from milk. Watch and be entertained by just how hungry he gets.

It's normally recommended to switch puppies from an all-milk diet to mashed food at around three to four weeks of age. This is also the time when baby teeth come out from the gums. You should never give solid pellets to a puppy when it's too small, as this will usually cause gastric upset. You should also expect there to be some adjustment needed when the puppy does begin to eat real food. This includes toppling of food bowls, or even lying in the bowl. Some may just swarm the bowl and go crazy. For this reason, you should always monitor your pup while he or she is eating. A towel or tissue is also necessary as this is usually a messy milestone in a pup's life.

However, this Shih Tzu is a little different in that he eats flawlessly around his bowl. He does end up completely burying his face in his meal. You can watch the video and see just how much this Shih Tzu is enjoying his food. He is completely happy – wagging his tail all throughout the video. Isn’t he adorable?

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