Shihtzu and The Hair Drier

Grooming a pet, particularly a high-maintenance breed like the Shih Tzu -- can be a challenge. With this breed, grooming habits include daily brushing and combing and trimming the facial hair to prevent eye infections. You can opt to keep the hair straight, or you can learn intricate hairstyles like a topknot. It is also necessary to keep a Shih Tzu's face dry to prevent tear stains caused by the growth of red yeast. One way that you can do this after a bath is by using a hair dryer.

This video shows Dougie the Shih Tzu reacting to having his hair dried.

Not all dogs are comfortable with a hair dryer. It is noisy and blows high-pressure air, and this can easily scare pooches - especially toy breeds that are not accustomed to high-pitched noises and movements. Most dogs scamper to run out of the groomer's area when the dryer is turned on, while others may even show aggression. What separates Dougie from the normal Shih Tzu is his love for having his hair dried. In this video, he is seen lingering in front of the dryer and even lifting his neck to enjoy the air. It wouldn't be surprising if he fell asleep here, as he seems to be enjoying the air.

While this enjoyment of a hair dryer is pretty rare, it's not completely unheard of. If your dog enjoys the blast of a hair dryer, make sure that you always supervise the drying session. Also, avoid too much heat and air as this can cause conjunctivitis and dermatitis on the skin. It is better to dry your dog using non-heated air.

Nevertheless, it is always fun to see a dog enjoying the hair dryer. We wonder if it is same as enjoying the breeze out of a car window? Hit play, and watch this adorable pooch enjoy the air from the hair dryer.

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