Shih Tzu hates fart noises

Sarafina, an adorable female Shih Tzu, hates fart noises. When her parent makes funny fart noises, she gets shy and walks away. Once a lady, always a lady!

Although this is not a noise phobia, if your Shih Tzu shows any of the following signs when noises occur, it's time to consult your vet.

  • Trembling
  • Involuntary urination
  • Hiding and escaping

Most incidents of noise phobia start when the puppy is between one year to two years old and gets worst over time if left untreated.

However, again, this is not a sign of noise phobia in this video. Instead, this is just a cute Shih Tzu showing attitude when she doesn't like something. This is not uncommon for this breed, and if you're a proud Shih Tzu owner, this is probably familiar to you. What noises will your pup just not stand for?

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