The delightful Shiranian – a cross between the Shih Tzu and Pomeranian – is a friendly and happy little dog that thrives in family environments where he gets lots of attention and isn't separated from his owners for too long.


Although energetic, the Shiranian doesn't need a lot of outdoor exercise. A daily walk and indoor or garden play is sufficient, and Shiranian can live quite happily in small spaces. Hugely sociable and a true companion dog, the Shiranian is content to tag along on family outings or hang out at home with his toys and his people. He'll also generally get along fine with other household pets.

Diet & Health

As is often the case with Shih Tzu crosses, the Shiranian can tend to have dental problems, so a diet of high-quality dry kibble is recommended. As the size of the Shiranian can vary considerably – they can weigh as little as 4lbs and as much as 16lbs – owners may need to pay extra attention to weight management. Shiranians are generally quite healthy, but can suffer from allergies and eye conditions (such as cataracts). The average life expectancy of a Shiranian is between 13-15 years.

Unlike most other Shih Tzu crosses, which are typically light shedders, the Shiranian does shed quite a bit more. However, regular grooming – most likely daily – will minimise the effect of this. The Shiranian coat can be a wide range of colors, from black, chocolate and brindle to gold, orange and sable. The coat is generally long and straight.


Shiranians are very bright and generally respond well to training. They're more than capable of learning commands, although they can be a little bit stubborn. However, as long as owners start training the Shiranian when he's still a puppy and approaches the process with patience and consistency, they'll be well-rewarded as the Shiranian loves to please. Positive reinforcement in the form of praise and rewards should be given throughout the training process to encourage the Shiranian.

The Shiranian is an affectionate little dog that will make a great companion to just about anyone, making them the ultimate family pet as well as a wonderful choice for single people and the elderly.

Shiranian Facts:

Shiranians are sometimes referred to as Pomshis, Pom-Tzus and Shih-Poms.

Shiranians typically grow to around 10 inches tall, making them rather dainty, but can be a little bit bigger or smaller.

Both Shiranians and Shih Tzus have royal lineages. The Shih Tzu was a favourite of Chinese royalty, while Queen Victoria had a Pomeranian.

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