5 Steps To Keep Your Wounded Shih Tzu Healthy

Dog wounds can range from simple to life threatening. Regardless of their severity, you need to know how to treat them. Any wound can worsen, which can lead to serious problems with the dog’s health. For your Shih Tzu's wellness, learn how to administer basic treatments.

1. Understand the Wound

Not all wounds are the same. To figure out the type of treatment that you must provide, you have to first figure out the type of wound it is. Basic treatment that you can do from home only works on less severe cases. If you find that the wound is deep or that there is internal damage, you should seek out professional help from a veterinarian. Veterinarians can manage severe cases that require specialized equipment and knowledge. In these cases, this is the only way to save the dog’s life or to give him or her the best chance at survival.

If there is major damage, do not do anything to treat Shih Tzu yourself. Do what you can to keep the dog as comfortable as possible while you transport him or her to the veterinarian's office. Wasting time on your own treatments could do more harm than good.

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