How to Teach Your Shih Tzu to Fetch in Six Easy Steps

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Fetching may seem like one of the most natural activities for dogs to engage with their masters. However, while some dogs are naturally inclined to play this game, others are not and will have to be taught. Usually, they will go after what you have thrown and not bring it back or they will look at you and wonder why you just tossed their favorite object away from them

The good news is that you can teach your dog how to catch in just six easy steps. It may take a little time before they fully understand, but you will have a good time showing them how to fetch.

1. Find the Right Object

You just can’t toss any old object as you’ll need to find something that the dog has an inherent interest in so that they will be more inclined to chase it. You may have to experiment a bit or buy your dog a new toy that they find interesting and you’ll be off to a good start.


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