Ten Early Signs that Your Shih Tzu May have Cancer

Cancer can affect your Shih Tzu just like it affects humans. And just like humans, the early signs of cancer may be difficult to spot or diagnose. Cancer is more common in older dogs, although it can also develop in younger dogs and puppies on rare occasions. Spotting the signs early can help you seek treatment for your pet, which may stop and reverse the progress of the cancer before it gets too far to be properly treated. Here are the ten early signs that your dog may have cancer.

1. Lesions of the Skin

Perhaps the most obvious sign of cancer is seeing unusual skin lesions on your dog. They can be anywhere and are not caused by an obvious injury. You will need to take action quickly if you see unexplained lesions on the skin of your dog.

2. Bumps or Lumps

These are most common in the lymph node areas of the body, which can be found under the jawline and throat, among other places. Any unusual bump or lump on your dog needs to be monitored. If there is no change after a few days, schedule a visit with your vet.

3. Unusual Weight Loss

If your dog loses a considerable amount of weight for no apparent reason, it may be a sign of cancer. While this is not always the cause, a sudden decrease in weight is usually indicative of some health issue, so it is necessary for you to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible if such weight loss is observed.

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