Three Happy Shih Tzu

We can all agree that puppies, aside from being big balls of fur and cuteness, are simply a delightful treat to watch or have around us. Even if you are not a pet love, puppies just have this amazing ability to touch your heart. These cuddly animals are charming, fluffy and happy. Just a like a human baby, they have the ability to light up a room and spread good vibes to everybody. It's no wonder we can’t help ourselves from showering them with kisses.

Start your day with puppy happiness by taking a moment to watch this very short video. There are no words, no loud music, and not even a whole lot of action. What this video does have, however, is three adorable Shih Tzu puppies. Watch as these three siblings sit at a door before lying down and wagging their tails in pleasure, ready to play with their owners.

That’s the thing with Shih Tzu puppies. Just like any other puppy, they love to play. But what sets them apart is their ability to want to play all day. They usually don’t tire themselves out, and it seems they have an extra energy reserve just for having fun. No wonder they usually end up in our arms. Aside from non-stop tail wagging, puppies encourage play when they move their paws to a high five or they nudge you. Dogs are not equipped to put on a smile, but the bond they we have with them lets us know exactly what they want

If you feel like your puppy tells you to play with him or her, then your feeling is probably right. This video of these three darlings may not be full of action, but it's certain to put a smile on your face. We wouldn't be surprised if this makes you want to get a cuddly Shih Tzu puppy of your very own!

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