Tips for Controlling Your Shih Tzu at the Dog Park

Start Off Slow

This is especially important if this is your Shih Tzu’s first visit to the dog park. Just like introducing your pet to new people and new foods, you want to ease your way into introducing him or her to the dog park. Make sure to bring a leash and keep it on your pet. Make your way to the entrance of the park and pause, allowing your pet to take in the new sights, sounds and smells. If your Shih Tzu seems to be relaxed and isn’t acting out of control, you can make your way into the park. You may even want to take a lap or two, allowing your dog to sniff and check out everything. Once you feel secure in your dog’s behavior, you can unleash him or her, but don’t automatically assume that everything will be okay. You still need to continue to watch your pet during the entire trip.

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