5 Tips For Traveling With Shih Tzus

Traveling with your Shih Tzu can be an adventure. Whether it is just a picnic or a camping trip, a weekend at a posh resort or flying overseas, family vacations and getaways can be more fun when your four-legged friend can tag along. But there are also many challenges that you and your dog will have to overcome when traveling together. In addition to knowing laws and regulations (such as leash laws), you also need to make sure you're prepared in other ways, as well.

Here are some tips for traveling with dogs.

1) Before everything else, take your dog to a vet. Ensure that the dog has been given all necessary vaccinations and that they are up to date. You need to maintain shot records and keep them with you in the event that you have to present them to authorities or an emergency vet. Your vet should also tell you if your dog is capable of traveling. Share the nature of the trip with your vet. Some dogs may be fit to travel but the mode of transport and also the duration of the trip will have to be factored in to determine if the trip will be safe for your pet - particularly if it has health issues or is an older dog. You should also get the necessary health certifications as required by airlines or hotels, if required.

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