Tips to Prevent Overheating in Your Shih Tzu

Avoid Excessive Outdoor Exposure on Hot Days

Your pet needs exercise to stay healthy, but exercising your pet in the heat of summer can be deadly. When the temperatures outside begin to rise, it’s time to re-evaluate your pet’s time spent outdoors. This doesn’t mean that you and your Shih Tzu are doomed to stay inside all summer. It just means that more careful planning is needed to keep your pet safe. Plan exercise, trips to the dog park or outdoor play before the sun rises in the morning or after it sets in the evening. Other than short trips outdoors for bathroom breaks, your pet should not be out in the highest heat of the afternoon. If the temperatures are at record highs and aren’t cooling down, you might want to bring playtime into the cooling comfort of your home until temps begin to dip again. Always remember, if you’re hot, so is your pet. Don’t overdo it outdoors, and your pet won’t get overheated.

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