Top 6 Shih Tzu Haircuts

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There's no denying that the Shih Tzu breed is gorgeous, and part of this breed's appeal is its long, glorious hair. However, don't think that this is all natural. Part of owning a Shih Tzu is the time and money spent to keep its hair looking beautiful. Because this dog has so much hair, you can experiment with a variety of versatile cuts and styles. Does your Shih Tzu need a new look? Read on to learn about the top six haircuts that can make your pet look and feel like a whole new pup!

1. Puppy Cut

There are multiple variations of this cut, but generally, the hair is kept short all over. This is a great cut for the hotter days of summer, and it's relatively easy to do.

Some people think this is a waste of all that beautiful hair, but this style can keep a pup cooler in the summer - which is great since these dogs can easily overheat. This is also a great low-maintenance style for those who don't have time for hours of brushing and combing each week.


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