Two Adorable Shih Tzu Puppies Conquer Treacherous Staircase!

Reese and Charlotte are very young Shih Tzu puppies that live with their mom and human parents. Reese and Charlotte are adorable, as most Shih Tzu puppies are.

It’s time for the pups to venture out into to the real world, which means having to face the stairs. It’s exciting, it’s an adventure, and Reese, like his sister, couldn’t wait to experience this ‘first’. Little Charlotte goes first, and she tackles the stairs like a pro.

Now its Reese’s turn, and if Charlotte can do it, “I can do it”, Reese thinks. That is until Reese realizes just how high up and how long the staircase was and how tiny her little puppy legs are!

Little Reese is just not too sure about coming down those stairs for the first time. The whole family has made it down the stairs, from her sister Charlotte to her mommy Rosie, and now it’s Reese’s turn to join the family at the bottom of the stairs. Of course, one’s first attempt at going down the "treacherous" obstacle course (totally in the eyes of little Reese it seems), is a bit scary even for the bravest of puppies.

Even after watching the rest of the family make the descent down the stairs, Reese obviously wants to follow, but those stairs just seem so big and she has such small little legs! Reese’s human softly encourages her with words of faith and confidence, “You can do it Reese, good job Reese.” It truly becomes a family affair when Marilyn, the family cat, joins in to give Reese a bit of support and encouragement. This is not your typical family, as you can see.

Reese’s little tail is wagging during the whole "ordeal", which in a way, seems a bit out of place amidst her continued anxious cries as she makes it down each step. After a couple of minutes and lots of encouragement from the family, little Reese finally discovered the "lion" within and made it down those stairs. This really is a must-see video. It will put a smile on your face and give you those warm fuzzy feelings deep down in your heart!

A few quirky but interesting facts about Shih Tzu pups:

The name Shih Tzu means lion dog in Chinese, probably in part because their faces somewhat resemble that of a lion. Of course, it could also have to do with the legend that says that Buddha was saved by his Shih Tzu, who turned into a lion.

The formal name of these absolutely adorable puppies is actually Tibetan. “Shih Tzu Kou." Shih means "lion," kou means "dog" and tzu translates to child or son.

These little cuties are also known by another name, Chrysanthemum Dog because their fluffy faces somewhat resemble the flower. Shih Tzus have a bit of a stubborn streak when it comes to training, but once they discover what is in it for them, they generally do very well. Have treats and lots of words of praise on hand.

Because they are a "toy" breed, they are ideal to have in apartments, and yet they do quite well in very large estates as well. They are companion dogs who love to cuddle, and because they are friendly, they get along well with all family members, including other pets.

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