40 Unique Shih Tzu Dog names

The first step to owning a Shih Tzu is to come up with the perfect name. Much like a child, it's important that your four-legged friend has the right name - perhaps a name you've always loved, a unique name to showcase his or her personality traits, or even just something that's fun and a little off-the-wall.

Human names and "typical" dog names are still popular, but more Shih Tzu owners are seeking out unique and unusual names for their beloved pets.

You should pick a name for your dog that's easy for him or her to understand and is a suitable fit. After all, your Shih Tzu will have this name for life. One great way to come up with unique names is to spell common words or other names backwords.

For example:

  1. Love => Evol
  2. Happy => Yppah
  3. Life => Efil
  4. Hope => Epoh
  5. Peace => Ecaep

To come up with other unique names, you can use this tool to reverse text, or check out the list below for inspiration.

1) Dusty

2) Cephie

3) Dash

4) Ava

5) Caprice

6) Adana

7) Bliss

8) Gucci

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