Unique Ways to Exercise With Your Shih Tzu

Take Your Walk Outside of the Neighborhood

Sure, walking around the block is convenient and easy, but over time, this gets boring for you and your pet. Why not give yourselves a change of scenery? Instead of walking past the same boring row of houses, you can make it your mission to explore your town or city. Go to a local dog park. Explore your downtown area. Take a hike to the mountains, or a stroll along the beach. There are no limits to where you can go with your pet. Do note, however, that dogs aren’t allowed everywhere, so make sure you check before you go if you’re not sure. Also, make sure to bring along fresh water and a snack for both of you, especially if it’s hot outside. Finally, bring along disposable garbage bags to pick up any accidents your pet is bound to have along the way. You want to make sure that everyone – the two AND four-legged ones – can enjoy these public outdoor spaces.

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