2 Week Old Shih Tzu Puppies Sleeping

    Having a bad day? These adorable newborn Shih Tzu puppies sleeping peacefully are sure to put a smile on your face!

    Abba and Her Extra Energy

    If you're a fan of Shih Tzus, you've probably seen Abba on YouTube. Abba is an adorable (and famous!) Shih Tzu whose owner uploads videos to the "Lost in Vast" channel. Abba shows lots of love and energy in her videos - something that may be very familiar to you if you're a pet parent to a Shih Tzu. In this particular video, her owner (in the description) expresses confusion as to why Abba is so wound up. Despite regular walks and playtime, Abba still engages in what her owner calls "bed zoomies." Take a look at Abba doing her

    Attack of the Killer Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzus are known for being tiny bundles of energy and this little guy has plenty to spare. Watch him zoom around the room doing his sweet Shih Tzu growl while he shows his owner who's in charge. While he's far too adorable to be a real killer, he might just kill you with cuteness. You'll certainly need to take a nap after watching him do all that running around!

    Baby Adelyn and Abba

    Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They're our buddies and they simply make our lives more colorful. There have been a number of studies of how dogs are equipped to adapt to our way of living. These studies show that dogs can understand and interpret human facial expressions, emotions and moods. This is why we are able to form bonds with our pets. You can witness a very special bond - even with the tiniest human - by checking out this video.

    Baby copies Shih Tzu's Tricks To Get A Treat

    It has been said that dogs are man’s closest companion, and this baby and Shih Tzu are unquestionably an example of that expression!

    Baby-Shih Tzu Kisses

    When we want to show love and affection to our Shih Tzus, there are a few things we may do. Cuddles, hugs, kisses, giving out a treat, or just petting our pals are ways that we can show affection.

    Badger the Shih Tzu Singing

    Badger the Shih Tzu loves to sing, and isn't he wonderful? However, he's clearly very picky about his chosen songs as he'll only 'sing' the ones that play at just the right speed. OK, he might be a little bit of a diva, but his cuteness and obvious musical talents more than make up for it, even if his equally adorable buddy doesn't agree.

    12 Best Shihtzu YouTube Videos

    Having a bad day? Forget about all of your stress by checking out these 12 adorable Shih Tzu videos!

    The Adorable Bond Between Owner & Shih Tzu

    Bonding with your dog is an essential part of your canine-owner relationship. Dogs crave attention, and giving this to them makes them feel acknowledged and loved. Since they are pack animals who prefer to stay within a group, dogs tend to get attached to humans and their families. But this also holds true the other way around - we get so fond of our dogs that at times we tend to act like them. And these things are clearly seen in this video of Liam and Abba the Shih Tzu.

    Cali and Her First Bath

    If you're a Shh Tzu lover, you probably have many reasons for falling in love with these pups. In addition to being absolutely adorable, Shih Tzus also have amazin personalities. If you want to see the perfect combination of a cute face and a great personality, take a look at this video of Cali. This sweet baby is just five weeks old, and you can't help but to swoon over her adorable puppy dog eyes and furry face.

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