2 Week Old Shih Tzu Puppies Sleeping

    Having a bad day? These adorable newborn Shih Tzu puppies sleeping peacefully are sure to put a smile on your face!

    Abba and Her Extra Energy

    If you're a fan of Shih Tzus, you've probably seen Abba on YouTube. Abba is an adorable (and famous!) Shih Tzu whose owner uploads videos to the "Lost in Vast" channel. Abba shows lots of love and energy in her videos - something that may be very familiar to you if you're a pet parent to a Shih Tzu. In this particular video, her owner (in the description) expresses confusion as to why Abba is so wound up. Despite regular walks and playtime, Abba still engages in what her owner calls "bed zoomies." Take a look at Abba doing her

    Attack of the Killer Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzus are known for being tiny bundles of energy and this little guy has plenty to spare. Watch him zoom around the room doing his sweet Shih Tzu growl while he shows his owner who's in charge. While he's far too adorable to be a real killer, he might just kill you with cuteness. You'll certainly need to take a nap after watching him do all that running around!

    Baby Adelyn and Abba

    Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They're our buddies and they simply make our lives more colorful. There have been a number of studies of how dogs are equipped to adapt to our way of living. These studies show that dogs can understand and interpret human facial expressions, emotions and moods. This is why we are able to form bonds with our pets. You can witness a very special bond - even with the tiniest human - by checking out this video.

    Baby copies Shih Tzu's Tricks To Get A Treat

    It has been said that dogs are man’s closest companion, and this baby and Shih Tzu are unquestionably an example of that expression!

    Baby-Shih Tzu Kisses

    When we want to show love and affection to our Shih Tzus, there are a few things we may do. Cuddles, hugs, kisses, giving out a treat, or just petting our pals are ways that we can show affection.

    Badger the Shih Tzu Singing

    Badger the Shih Tzu loves to sing, and isn't he wonderful? However, he's clearly very picky about his chosen songs as he'll only 'sing' the ones that play at just the right speed. OK, he might be a little bit of a diva, but his cuteness and obvious musical talents more than make up for it, even if his equally adorable buddy doesn't agree.

    12 Best Shihtzu YouTube Videos

    Having a bad day? Forget about all of your stress by checking out these 12 adorable Shih Tzu videos!

    The Adorable Bond Between Owner & Shih Tzu

    Bonding with your dog is an essential part of your canine-owner relationship. Dogs crave attention, and giving this to them makes them feel acknowledged and loved. Since they are pack animals who prefer to stay within a group, dogs tend to get attached to humans and their families. But this also holds true the other way around - we get so fond of our dogs that at times we tend to act like them. And these things are clearly seen in this video of Liam and Abba the Shih Tzu.

    Cali and Her First Bath

    If you're a Shh Tzu lover, you probably have many reasons for falling in love with these pups. In addition to being absolutely adorable, Shih Tzus also have amazin personalities. If you want to see the perfect combination of a cute face and a great personality, take a look at this video of Cali. This sweet baby is just five weeks old, and you can't help but to swoon over her adorable puppy dog eyes and furry face.

    Cute Shih Tzu Begs For More Belly Rubs In The Most Adorable Way

    This video of an extremely cute Shih Tzu asking for more belly rubs from her owner will definitely touch your heart. Shih Tzus are very loving dogs, and they crave attention from their owners. In fact, there are few things they like more than having their owner pay them attention. Watch on to find out if this little Shih Tzu gets the attention she desires.

    Cute Shih Tzu Puppies Playing Rough and Tumble with Dad

    This Shih Tzu dad is clearly delighted to entertain lots of tiny puppies! They look to be quite a handful, but dad takes it all in his stride, stretching out on the floor so that the puppies can get up close for kisses and nibbles.

    Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Barks

    This tiny baby is just getting used to his bark, but he's obviously keen to use it. He might still be a little bit timid, but there's plenty of that bold Shih Tzu character just waiting to come out. And looking at that cute wagging tail – he's already got plenty of attitude and can't wait to play...but maybe he'll have a little nap first.

    Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Playing With Owner

    An adorable Shih Tzu puppy has taken the heart of the internet! This little pup and its owner are playing together on the floor, and the puppy just can’t help itself! It jumps all over him, nibbling at his ears, and just being way too cute!

    Cute Teacup Shih Tzu Puppy Playing With Owner

    Check out this cute video of the most adorable Teacup Shih Tzu puppy playing with his mommy

    Cutest Tiny Puppy on Piano

    Isn't this just the cutest puppy you've ever seen? This sweet girl looks a little sleepy and has found an unusual spot for a nap. Perhaps she'll grow up to have some musical talent...or maybe she'll just keep on looking adorable, which will take a lot less effort!

    Diva and Abba: Two Incredibly Spoiled Shih Tzu

    Let’s admit it. We like spoiling our dogs. To other people, we may look like we're spluring on nonsense, but to us, we're showing our pet how much he or she is loved. It's almost like having children and wanting to give them the world. Our dogs give us love and loyalty, and we want to return the favor by buying them their favorite treats, toys, and other items. But how much is too much? Would you, for instance, spend over $30,000 on your pet? According to Ann McNeilage of Inverclyde, Scotland, it is all worth it.

    Dougie, The Stubborn Shih Tzu

    If you're the proud pet parent of a Shih Tzu, then you have probably already know that they can have quite the attitude. If they aren’t in the mood to play fetch, there is no chance of them retrieving anything you throw, even if every other day they beg for you to play. You can try all you want to change their mind, but once it’s made up, nothing can be done to change it. These cute and sweet dogs certainly have their stubborn sides.

    Fluffy Shih Tzu Puppy Plays

    Even at just two months old, this adorable little fur ball is already showing his true Shih Tzu temperament as he explores his owner's sofa. Expect lots of digging, biting and tugging...but who could be annoyed at that sweet face?

    Funny Shih Tzu That Sneezes On Command

    Shih Tzus certainly are amazing dogs. In this YouTube video, one Shih Tzu has even learned how to sneeze on command! Whether she’s actually sneezing or not may be up for debate, but she sure looks and sounds like she is! It’s truly wonderful how these cute dogs can learn so many things. They love to be with their owners and make them smile, so it's no surprise that a Shih Tzu would put on such a performance!

    Gizmo the Shih Tzu and a Goat

    Shih Tzus are known to be one of the friendliest creatures on earth. Their trusting and joyful demeanor makes them endearing to anyone they meet. They always crave attention and lots of play from everyone around them. They truly are angels sent to this earth to bring positive vibes and smiles to mankind. To prove how gregarious these furballs can be, here is a video of an unlikely friensdship between a Shih Tzu and a completely different species.

    Grace Before Meal

    Humans have different religions, but many of us believe that there is an unseen and powerful force over the universe. As humans, we may pray and worship a higher being, but what about our pets? Here are two Shih Tzu who will remind you how important a prayer before a meal is – in the most adorable way.

    Happily At Home: Puppy’s First Day

    Do you remember the day when you first brought your pet home? How was it? Was it an anxious or scary experience for you? Or a fun and exciting one? Adding a new furry member to your pack is always a challenge. There are a lot of adjustments to be made. You will have to plan ahead and puppy-proof your house to keep your pup safe and to avoid broken items in your home. You may find it stressful and patience-demanding most of the time; but once you see your little ball of fur greeting you at your front door,

    Six Seconds of Happiness: Rambo the Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzus are dogs that have amazing and exciting personalities. Though they are known to have a very playful attitude towards anyone they meet, some of them can actually get so happy they become uncontrollable. You may even call this an explosive happiness. If you think we are joking, take a look at this video and see for yourself what we mean. This is perhaps one of the shortest Shih tzu videos on the internet. But it takes a keen eye to see what this clip has to offer. If you're able to see it after hitting the play button

    I Am the Cutest Shih Tzu

    Is this the most hypnotically adorable puppy you've ever seen? We think so! This little lady obviously wants a nap, but needs a little bit of time to drift off to the land of nod (all Shih Tzu owners know how hard it is to switch off these little bundles of energy). That's lucky for us, because who wouldn't want to stare at this sweet Shih Tzu face for hours? Sweet dreams, little one!

    Katy Perry's Shih Tzu Fan

    In this adorable video, Charlie demonstrates to us that she is more than just a pet, but also a fan of Katy Perry.

    Lacey and Her Happy Blanket

    We all have our happy place - maybe it's even an area in the house where we feel most at home and content. Animals, too, have their favorites that make them feel secure and happy. Perhaps it's just personal space like a comfortable crate or even just an object they cling onto or bring along wherever they go. Take Lacey here, for example. She is so ecstatic while playing with her red blanket that she demands attention from anyone in the room.

    Lacey Is Crazy Over Mr. Pumpkin

    If you are an avid fan of Shih Tzu videos, then surely, this Shih Tzu here is not a new acquaintance to you.

    Lacey Wants To Play With Lexie

    Dogs and cats are two animals that are considered to be the closest to human beings. They can live with us harmoniously and can adjust to our lifestyles. Both are generally safe for children, and as pet lovers would say, they are capable of unconditional love and never ending sweetness. Even though they are seen as loving creatures, sometimes they don't get along with each other. In some rare cases, they get along, but usually, it ends in catastrophe. This is a story of a Shih Tzu named Lacey who tries her best to get house cat Lexie to play

    Meet Chopper the Shih Tzu Puppy

    Meet sweet Shih Tzu puppy Chopper and watch from grow from a tiny puppy to a bouncing ball of Shih Tzu cuteness. At just eight weeks old, Chopper is busy exploring his new home – check out his adorable bow and jumper – and having lots of fun doing it. He learns to sleep in his little bed (although he obviously prefers to snooze in his owner's arms instead), and between going for walks, climbing down stairs and playing with his many toys, Chopper shows just how curious and inquisitive Shih Tzus really are.

    Shih Tzu BFFs

    Are you thinking about adding a new Shih Tzu to the family? Then check out this video.

    Not In The Mood?

    Have you ever had a day where you're just not "feeling it?" All you want is to stay in all day and forget about all the worries in the world. It could be because of family issues, stress at work, or heartache. Maybe you're just having a bad day for no particular reason at all.

    Morty, the Senior Dog and His New Family

    Some say that senior dogs require more tender loving care and attention compared to younger puppies. But this is not the case for the Whitecotton family, who believe that taking care of older furbabies is a lot more fun and heartwarming. They actually have three dogs that they adopted from shelters and decided to dote on for the rest of the dogs’ lives. Their pets’ ages range from 7 to 13 years old. According to the Whitecottons, living with senior animals is more mellow and relaxing, as these animals are normally just lying around the house, relaxing. Everything is less

    Shih Tzu Barking and Playing with Robotic Toy Dog

    Little Lacey is clearly a bit confused by her new furry friend and isn't quite sure what to make of her! Wanting to show who's the boss, Lacey does her best bark, but she can't help being a bit afraid when the tiny toy dog isn't scared off. But look at that wagging tail – we think Lacey really just wants to make friends.

    Shih Tzu doing amazing tricks

    All Shih Tzus are bright and inquisitive, but this clever boy is especially impressive. He can do a wide range of tricks, from counting to sorting to identifying colours and he makes them look easy! He loves to show off his talents and enjoy his well-earned reward. And of course he does it all while sticking his tongue out for extra Shih Tzu-style cuteness.

    Shih Tzu Heaven!

    If you are a Shih Tzu fan, this video is the definition of heaven for you. In Beverly Hills, 30 Shih Tzus got together over a weekend for an official meet and greet session! Dogs, like human beings, are social animals. They enjoy being surrounded by other dogs, If you want to make your Shih Tzu even happier, find a breed-specific social dog club (Shih Tzu Club) where dog parents meet weekly or monthly to let their fur babies mingle and play. This normally takes place in a park in your neighborhood or city. If you're looking for an event

    Shih Tzu Love Story

    Stuffed toys are marvelous - no matter how old you are. These cute characters may just be inanimate objects, but they are flled with so much charm, softness and, of course, they are adorable.

    Shih Tzu & Parrot: Can we be friends?

    Animals are interesting creatures. Even when they come from completely different species, they may still form a bond and friendship that even humans cannot fully understand.

    Shih Tzu Puppies After Their First Bath

    Warning: Cuteness overload!

    Shih Tzu Puppies Taking a Nap

    Everyone knows that babies need a lot of sleep, and Shih Tzu babies are no different. These little ones are taking an adorable puppy nap, probably after tiring themselves out during playtime! These baby Shih Tzu siblings are so bonded that they just can't bear to be apart, even when they're dreaming – look at them twitching under their little blanket. Sweet dreams!

    Shih Tzu Puppy Gives His Paw

    This fluffy puppy is only five months old, but he's already able to do some impressive tricks, showing just how intelligent and quick-learning Shih Tzus really are. Watch him obediently give his paw to his owner and enjoy a good face scratch as a reward. This clever pup will go far!

    Shih Tzu Puppy Love

    Shih Tzus are such affectionate little dogs and they just want to be loved...even by their Shih Tzu friends. Here little Rambo tries to get the attention of Abba, but she's a little more aloof than he would like. We think Rambo is too cute to ignore for long, and we're sure that he and Abba will soon be the best of pals.

    Shih Tzu Puppy Loves Hugs

    All puppies love hugs, but this little guy loves them so much that he's wearing a bib to prove it. This gorgeous golden Shih Tzu clearly adores cuddles and tummy rubs from his owner, and it's so important for Shih Tzu puppies to bond with their human as early as possible. This puppy making sure that his pal isn't going to steal any of the attention, but we think they're both cute enough to cuddle all day long!

    Shih Tzu Puppy Plays with His Owner

    Baby Shih Tzus love to play, and this owner is clearly happy to oblige. This owner and puppy are doing some super-important bonding, but it's also a lot of fun for both of them (if a little painful for the owner, but who can be mad about tiny puppy nibbles?). This little guy is obviously very curious about everything around him, especially his human!

    Shih Tzu Sees His Favorite Cookie On The Table, Takes Begging To A Whole New Level

    If you're having a bad day or you just want to watch something adorable and funny, check out this video.

    This Shih Tzu Tilting Its Head Is The Cutest Thing That You Will See Today

    If you want to smile today, check out this video of one adorable Shih Tzu. This pup is cute just lying there, but he becomes even more adorable when he does a sweet head tilt. What a cute Shih Tzu puppy he is!

    This Shih Tzu Will Show You His Bum For Treats!

    We all know dogs do amazing tricks to score a treat but the trick that this Shih Tzu named Bumble Bee performs in this video is the cutest you might have seen. Bumble Bee's owner has trained her pup to show off his bum on command - and he looks adorable while doing it.

    A Shih Tzu’s First Meal

    Puppies are tiny, but they can certainly be gluttonous. When presented with a savory meal, these little animals have a tendency to go a little bit crazy. When you throw more than one puppy in the mix, things can get downright chaotic. When puppies are accustomed to eating together, they will eat as fast and as much as they can since they know that competition is high. However, if you feed your puppies individually, they usually end up choosy with their meals and have a tendency to eat far less. When it comes to how your puppy eats, it doesn't

    Shihtzu and The Hair Drier

    Grooming a pet, particularly a high-maintenance breed like the Shih Tzu -- can be a challenge. With this breed, grooming habits include daily brushing and combing and trimming the facial hair to prevent eye infections. You can opt to keep the hair straight, or you can learn intricate hairstyles like a topknot. It is also necessary to keep a Shih Tzu's face dry to prevent tear stains caused by the growth of red yeast. One way that you can do this after a bath is by using a hair dryer.

    Shihtzu Christmas Carols

    Once again the holiday season is upon us. Lets all make sure we are including our furry four-legged friends in our Christmas celebrations. They deserve to receive gifts and be fully involved in our festivites.

    Shih Tzu hates fart noises

    Sarafina, an adorable female Shih Tzu, hates fart noises. When her parent makes funny fart noises, she gets shy and walks away. Once a lady, always a lady!

    Shihtzu Opens Her Christmas Present

    Watch cute Shih Tzu Lacy enjoying the holidays, having fun with the the Christmas tree and opening her presents. It looks like Lacy got a fun stuffed cat that walks on its own, and some yummy treats for her first Christmas with her family. Like many other Shih Tzu owners, Lacy's family found it hard to resist spoiling their pet during the holidays!

    Shih Tzu Playground

    Want to instantly make your day a little brighter? Then check out these adorable Shih Tzu pups bouncing around and having a great time with each other. While playing, they make adorable sounds, and you can tell just how much fun they're having.

    Sleeping Beauties Tiny Shih Tzu Puppies

    These tiny baby Shih Tzus are brand new and so adorable. Their little eyes haven't even opened yet and they're completely dependent on their mother...and on each other. The little puppies are already bonding with each other by huddling together as they sleep, and it won't be too long before they're running around and getting into all sorts of mischief!

    Sleepy Shih Tzu Puppy

    What's sweeter than a sleepy puppy nodding off? How about a sleepy puppy desperately trying to stay awake so he can finish getting his hair cut? This sweet baby does his best, but he's just sooo tired. Sweet dreams!

    Sleepy Snoring Shih Tzu Monty

    Most people find snoring very annoying indeed, but then most people aren't listening to this adorable Shih Tzu snore. How sweet is he? He's sound asleep and we'd never wake him up...although we might wonder how something so small can make so much noise!

    Smart Shih Tzu Does Tricks

    This scrappy little guy is quite the trickster. Here he shows off sitting, jumping, rolling, twirling and giving his paw! Phew...we're a little tired just watching him. He's certainly earned his biscuit treat at the end.

    Smiling Shih Tzu Puppy

    We think this might just be the best thing on the internet. Watch this adorable and hilarious Shih Tzu as she smiles for the camera. Just look at that grin! Who wouldn't want to watch this all day?

    Sonny the Wonder Dog Learns his Colors

    Shih Tzus are known to be bright and curious, but Sonny the Wonder Dog is amazingly talented. He's able to identify a whole range of colors and can even answer questions like 'What color is the sky?' with perfect accuracy. We're blown away by Sonny, who's also pretty cute as well as smart. Some dogs just have it all!

    Spoiled Shih Tzu Puppy

    This adorable fluff ball is only four months old, but she's already mastered the art of demanding more tummy rubs. Here she gets lots of scratches from her loving owner. She might be a little bit spoiled, but who could refuse that sweet face?

    Surprise Shihtzu Present

    Have you ever wanted something so bad in your life that even just thinking about its presence in your life feels like perfection? Well, for kids, this can be any little thing – normally a toy, candy, cake or even a short day trip to the zoo. Children are a lot like puppies when they are given the one thing they want to most. They may not have their own little tails to wag, but human kids have their own ways of showing their appreciation for the gifts they receive. One good example is this little girl who was not

    Three Happy Shih Tzu

    We can all agree that puppies, aside from being big balls of fur and cuteness, are simply a delightful treat to watch or have around us. Even if you are not a pet love, puppies just have this amazing ability to touch your heart. These cuddly animals are charming, fluffy and happy. Just a like a human baby, they have the ability to light up a room and spread good vibes to everybody. It's no wonder we can’t help ourselves from showering them with kisses.

    Tiny Shih Tzu Jumping on the Bed

    This crazy Shih Tzu girl has a serious case of the zoomies! All Shih Tzu owners know how much energy these tiny dogs have, and this sweet girl likes to burn hers off with lots of enthusiastic bed bouncing. By the end she does look quite tired, so perhaps it's time for a nap (and an opportunity for her owner to make the bed).

    Tiny Shih Tzu Puppy has the Hiccups

    Being a puppy is all about discovering new things, and in this video tiny Shih Tzu puppy Cooper discovers he has the hiccups! He certainly looks a little confused, but he's too interested in his biscuits to really care. How adorable is it when his tail pops up with each hiccup?

    This Tiny Shih Tzu puppy Is Impossibly Adorable

    Shih Tzu puppies don't have to do much to get you to smile. This video is the perfect example of that. This cuddly ball of fur bounds around the house, stopping briefly just to eat some of his food. He then bounces around a bit, ready for play with his owner. These little guys are known for their love of their human owners and always being ready to play. This video shows the truly unique and heartwarming personality of this breed.

    Don’t Touch My Nose!

    One of the best parts of being a pet owner is the regular bonding session with our four-legged friends. No matter how busy our lives are, we can always stop and take the time to enjoy these creatures that show us nothing but unconditional love. Even after a long day, it's hard for us to say "no" when our pups are begging for us to play with them or just give them a belly rub. It is these bonding moments that make the investments - both financially and emotionally - well worth it. This video will show you how a

    Two Adorable Shih Tzu Puppies Conquer Treacherous Staircase!

    Reese and Charlotte are very young Shih Tzu puppies that live with their mom and human parents. Reese and Charlotte are adorable, as most Shih Tzu puppies are.

    Two Adorable Shih Tzu Puppies

    When a family opens their homes and hearts to a new pet, it's always such an exciting experience, especially when that new pet is an adorable puppy. There is just something about puppies that really touches the heart. From their adorable faces to their cute little whimpers and sweet kisses, there are so many things to love about puppies.

    Very Cute Pocket Size Teacup Shih Tzu

    What's more adorable than a tiny Shih Tzu puppy? How about a pocket size Teacup Shih Tzu? This teeny tiny baby is even smaller than a regular Shih Tzu puppy, and somehow manages to be even cuter! But while this baby might be miniature in size, she has all of the curiosity and character you'd expect from any Shih Tzu puppy. She's clearly not going to let her size stop her from exploring the world!

    The Way In Which This Shih Tzu Escapes Gate Is The Most Creative Thing You Will Ever See

    Shih Tzus love their freedom, and they love being able to explore the world around them. Because they are explorers, they don't like being trapped in one spot. In fact, some dislike it so much that they find ingenius ways to escape when their owners have them trapped.

    Welcome Bentley!

    A new puppy is always an exciting event for any household. Sure, it can be a bit chaotic and a little messy, but it's all worth it to have a wriggling ball of fur bounding around the house, bringing a smile to everyone's face.

    Who Will Play With Me?

    Cute and cuddly 5-month-old Shih Tzu Rambo just wants a new playmate. And Rambo doesn't care about size. Despite his own small stature, Rambo is ready to run with the big dogs - literally! Dressed in an adorable blue shirt dotted with snowflakes, the puppy runs around trying to entice two larger dogs to play with him. At first, the other dogs don't seem very interested. Finally, though, the much larger brown and white boxer decides to join in on the fun.

    Wookie the Skateboarding Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzus do almost anything to please their owners. These pups take on things that dogs normally just don't do simply to please their owners and to spend time with the people they love the most.

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