Cute Shih Tzu Begs For More Belly Rubs In The Most Adorable Way

    This video of an extremely cute Shih Tzu asking for more belly rubs from her owner will definitely touch your heart. Shih Tzus are very loving dogs, and they crave attention from their owners. In fact, there are few things they like more than having their owner pay them attention. Watch on to find out if this little Shih Tzu gets the attention she desires.

    Cute Shih Tzu Puppies Playing Rough and Tumble with Dad

    This Shih Tzu dad is clearly delighted to entertain lots of tiny puppies! They look to be quite a handful, but dad takes it all in his stride, stretching out on the floor so that the puppies can get up close for kisses and nibbles.

    Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Barks

    This tiny baby is just getting used to his bark, but he's obviously keen to use it. He might still be a little bit timid, but there's plenty of that bold Shih Tzu character just waiting to come out. And looking at that cute wagging tail – he's already got plenty of attitude and can't wait to play...but maybe he'll have a little nap first.

    Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Playing With Owner

    An adorable Shih Tzu puppy has taken the heart of the internet! This little pup and its owner are playing together on the floor, and the puppy just can’t help itself! It jumps all over him, nibbling at his ears, and just being way too cute!

    Cute Teacup Shih Tzu Puppy Playing With Owner

    Check out this cute video of the most adorable Teacup Shih Tzu puppy playing with his mommy

    Cutest Tiny Puppy on Piano

    Isn't this just the cutest puppy you've ever seen? This sweet girl looks a little sleepy and has found an unusual spot for a nap. Perhaps she'll grow up to have some musical talent...or maybe she'll just keep on looking adorable, which will take a lot less effort!

    Diva and Abba: Two Incredibly Spoiled Shih Tzu

    Let’s admit it. We like spoiling our dogs. To other people, we may look like we're spluring on nonsense, but to us, we're showing our pet how much he or she is loved. It's almost like having children and wanting to give them the world. Our dogs give us love and loyalty, and we want to return the favor by buying them their favorite treats, toys, and other items. But how much is too much? Would you, for instance, spend over $30,000 on your pet? According to Ann McNeilage of Inverclyde, Scotland, it is all worth it.

    Dougie, The Stubborn Shih Tzu

    If you're the proud pet parent of a Shih Tzu, then you have probably already know that they can have quite the attitude. If they aren’t in the mood to play fetch, there is no chance of them retrieving anything you throw, even if every other day they beg for you to play. You can try all you want to change their mind, but once it’s made up, nothing can be done to change it. These cute and sweet dogs certainly have their stubborn sides.

    Fluffy Shih Tzu Puppy Plays

    Even at just two months old, this adorable little fur ball is already showing his true Shih Tzu temperament as he explores his owner's sofa. Expect lots of digging, biting and tugging...but who could be annoyed at that sweet face?

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