Funny Shih Tzu That Sneezes On Command

    Shih Tzus certainly are amazing dogs. In this YouTube video, one Shih Tzu has even learned how to sneeze on command! Whether she’s actually sneezing or not may be up for debate, but she sure looks and sounds like she is! It’s truly wonderful how these cute dogs can learn so many things. They love to be with their owners and make them smile, so it's no surprise that a Shih Tzu would put on such a performance!

    Gizmo the Shih Tzu and a Goat

    Shih Tzus are known to be one of the friendliest creatures on earth. Their trusting and joyful demeanor makes them endearing to anyone they meet. They always crave attention and lots of play from everyone around them. They truly are angels sent to this earth to bring positive vibes and smiles to mankind. To prove how gregarious these furballs can be, here is a video of an unlikely friensdship between a Shih Tzu and a completely different species.

    Grace Before Meal

    Humans have different religions, but many of us believe that there is an unseen and powerful force over the universe. As humans, we may pray and worship a higher being, but what about our pets? Here are two Shih Tzu who will remind you how important a prayer before a meal is – in the most adorable way.

    Happily At Home: Puppy’s First Day

    Do you remember the day when you first brought your pet home? How was it? Was it an anxious or scary experience for you? Or a fun and exciting one? Adding a new furry member to your pack is always a challenge. There are a lot of adjustments to be made. You will have to plan ahead and puppy-proof your house to keep your pup safe and to avoid broken items in your home. You may find it stressful and patience-demanding most of the time; but once you see your little ball of fur greeting you at your front door,

    Six Seconds of Happiness: Rambo the Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzus are dogs that have amazing and exciting personalities. Though they are known to have a very playful attitude towards anyone they meet, some of them can actually get so happy they become uncontrollable. You may even call this an explosive happiness. If you think we are joking, take a look at this video and see for yourself what we mean. This is perhaps one of the shortest Shih tzu videos on the internet. But it takes a keen eye to see what this clip has to offer. If you're able to see it after hitting the play button

    I Am the Cutest Shih Tzu

    Is this the most hypnotically adorable puppy you've ever seen? We think so! This little lady obviously wants a nap, but needs a little bit of time to drift off to the land of nod (all Shih Tzu owners know how hard it is to switch off these little bundles of energy). That's lucky for us, because who wouldn't want to stare at this sweet Shih Tzu face for hours? Sweet dreams, little one!

    Katy Perry's Shih Tzu Fan

    In this adorable video, Charlie demonstrates to us that she is more than just a pet, but also a fan of Katy Perry.

    Lacey and Her Happy Blanket

    We all have our happy place - maybe it's even an area in the house where we feel most at home and content. Animals, too, have their favorites that make them feel secure and happy. Perhaps it's just personal space like a comfortable crate or even just an object they cling onto or bring along wherever they go. Take Lacey here, for example. She is so ecstatic while playing with her red blanket that she demands attention from anyone in the room.

    Lacey Is Crazy Over Mr. Pumpkin

    If you are an avid fan of Shih Tzu videos, then surely, this Shih Tzu here is not a new acquaintance to you.

    Lacey Wants To Play With Lexie

    Dogs and cats are two animals that are considered to be the closest to human beings. They can live with us harmoniously and can adjust to our lifestyles. Both are generally safe for children, and as pet lovers would say, they are capable of unconditional love and never ending sweetness. Even though they are seen as loving creatures, sometimes they don't get along with each other. In some rare cases, they get along, but usually, it ends in catastrophe. This is a story of a Shih Tzu named Lacey who tries her best to get house cat Lexie to play

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