Meet Chopper the Shih Tzu Puppy

    Meet sweet Shih Tzu puppy Chopper and watch from grow from a tiny puppy to a bouncing ball of Shih Tzu cuteness. At just eight weeks old, Chopper is busy exploring his new home – check out his adorable bow and jumper – and having lots of fun doing it. He learns to sleep in his little bed (although he obviously prefers to snooze in his owner's arms instead), and between going for walks, climbing down stairs and playing with his many toys, Chopper shows just how curious and inquisitive Shih Tzus really are.

    Shih Tzu BFFs

    Are you thinking about adding a new Shih Tzu to the family? Then check out this video.

    Not In The Mood?

    Have you ever had a day where you're just not "feeling it?" All you want is to stay in all day and forget about all the worries in the world. It could be because of family issues, stress at work, or heartache. Maybe you're just having a bad day for no particular reason at all.

    Morty, the Senior Dog and His New Family

    Some say that senior dogs require more tender loving care and attention compared to younger puppies. But this is not the case for the Whitecotton family, who believe that taking care of older furbabies is a lot more fun and heartwarming. They actually have three dogs that they adopted from shelters and decided to dote on for the rest of the dogs’ lives. Their pets’ ages range from 7 to 13 years old. According to the Whitecottons, living with senior animals is more mellow and relaxing, as these animals are normally just lying around the house, relaxing. Everything is less

    Shih Tzu Barking and Playing with Robotic Toy Dog

    Little Lacey is clearly a bit confused by her new furry friend and isn't quite sure what to make of her! Wanting to show who's the boss, Lacey does her best bark, but she can't help being a bit afraid when the tiny toy dog isn't scared off. But look at that wagging tail – we think Lacey really just wants to make friends.

    Shih Tzu doing amazing tricks

    All Shih Tzus are bright and inquisitive, but this clever boy is especially impressive. He can do a wide range of tricks, from counting to sorting to identifying colours and he makes them look easy! He loves to show off his talents and enjoy his well-earned reward. And of course he does it all while sticking his tongue out for extra Shih Tzu-style cuteness.

    Shih Tzu Heaven!

    If you are a Shih Tzu fan, this video is the definition of heaven for you. In Beverly Hills, 30 Shih Tzus got together over a weekend for an official meet and greet session! Dogs, like human beings, are social animals. They enjoy being surrounded by other dogs, If you want to make your Shih Tzu even happier, find a breed-specific social dog club (Shih Tzu Club) where dog parents meet weekly or monthly to let their fur babies mingle and play. This normally takes place in a park in your neighborhood or city. If you're looking for an event

    Shih Tzu Love Story

    Stuffed toys are marvelous - no matter how old you are. These cute characters may just be inanimate objects, but they are flled with so much charm, softness and, of course, they are adorable.

    Shih Tzu & Parrot: Can we be friends?

    Animals are interesting creatures. Even when they come from completely different species, they may still form a bond and friendship that even humans cannot fully understand.

    Shih Tzu Puppies After Their First Bath

    Warning: Cuteness overload!

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