Shihtzu Christmas Carols

    Once again the holiday season is upon us. Lets all make sure we are including our furry four-legged friends in our Christmas celebrations. They deserve to receive gifts and be fully involved in our festivites.

    Shih Tzu hates fart noises

    Sarafina, an adorable female Shih Tzu, hates fart noises. When her parent makes funny fart noises, she gets shy and walks away. Once a lady, always a lady!

    Shihtzu Opens Her Christmas Present

    Watch cute Shih Tzu Lacy enjoying the holidays, having fun with the the Christmas tree and opening her presents. It looks like Lacy got a fun stuffed cat that walks on its own, and some yummy treats for her first Christmas with her family. Like many other Shih Tzu owners, Lacy's family found it hard to resist spoiling their pet during the holidays!

    Shih Tzu Playground

    Want to instantly make your day a little brighter? Then check out these adorable Shih Tzu pups bouncing around and having a great time with each other. While playing, they make adorable sounds, and you can tell just how much fun they're having.

    Sleeping Beauties Tiny Shih Tzu Puppies

    These tiny baby Shih Tzus are brand new and so adorable. Their little eyes haven't even opened yet and they're completely dependent on their mother...and on each other. The little puppies are already bonding with each other by huddling together as they sleep, and it won't be too long before they're running around and getting into all sorts of mischief!

    Sleepy Shih Tzu Puppy

    What's sweeter than a sleepy puppy nodding off? How about a sleepy puppy desperately trying to stay awake so he can finish getting his hair cut? This sweet baby does his best, but he's just sooo tired. Sweet dreams!

    Sleepy Snoring Shih Tzu Monty

    Most people find snoring very annoying indeed, but then most people aren't listening to this adorable Shih Tzu snore. How sweet is he? He's sound asleep and we'd never wake him up...although we might wonder how something so small can make so much noise!

    Smart Shih Tzu Does Tricks

    This scrappy little guy is quite the trickster. Here he shows off sitting, jumping, rolling, twirling and giving his paw! Phew...we're a little tired just watching him. He's certainly earned his biscuit treat at the end.

    Smiling Shih Tzu Puppy

    We think this might just be the best thing on the internet. Watch this adorable and hilarious Shih Tzu as she smiles for the camera. Just look at that grin! Who wouldn't want to watch this all day?

    Sonny the Wonder Dog Learns his Colors

    Shih Tzus are known to be bright and curious, but Sonny the Wonder Dog is amazingly talented. He's able to identify a whole range of colors and can even answer questions like 'What color is the sky?' with perfect accuracy. We're blown away by Sonny, who's also pretty cute as well as smart. Some dogs just have it all!

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