Five Warning Signs of Depression In Shih Tzus

Depression doesn't just affect humans. Did you know that it can impact your dog too? While people who are depressed demonstrate obvious signs that something is wrong, dogs may show somewhat different signs that may not be as easily recognized. Unfortunately, while humans can tell each other directly about what is wrong with them, the actions of dogs have to be deciphered before any treatment can be given.

Admittedly, there are signs of dog depression that may be very easy to spot, particularly after a traumatic event, such as another dog passing away in the household. Such events could result in the dog moping or isolating itself from humans or other animals. However, such obvious signs are not always apparent, which means that you will have to be observant when you see changes in your dog’s behavior.

Here are some of the more common signs that your dog may be suffering from depression. The good news is that if these signs are caught early enough, you can make changes that can turn their depression around.

1.Too Much Sleeping

While dogs sleep a lot, there is something wrong if your dog does not get up and acknowledge your presence. Usually, dogs will sleep while their owners are away so they can be rested and alert when you come back home. If your dog continues the pattern of not waking up or moving around in your presence, then something is clearly wrong.

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