The Way In Which This Shih Tzu Escapes Gate Is The Most Creative Thing You Will Ever See

Shih Tzus are freedom lovers and for that they can do anything. In fact, we can say that some Shih Tzus are extraordinary getaway specialists.

This Shih Tzu would definitely surprise you by showing the tact of escaping.

The name of this Shih Tzu is Toby and is a fun lover and always escapes the barricades whenever the owners leave him alone in the house.

A little Shih Tzu with such cleverness would definitely win your heart.

Check this video of how Shih Tzu escapes, recorded by Toby’s owner by setting up a camera in the area near barricade.

Is your Shih Tzu a escape specialist too? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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2 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    I don’t have much money right now. I lost my tzu 3 years ago but now we have a wonderful house with a Hugh fenced bad yard and had No there playmate a chiwawa

  2. Anonymous says:

    thats actually really dangerous, she could get stuck and really hurt herself – Get a taller more secure gate that is NOT made of plastic – the ones you screw in that have a swing door are fabulous – check amazon. good luck shes a cutie little dog!

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