10 Ways To Remove Shih Tzu Hair From Clothes

If you own a Shih Tzu, you know how much of a problem it can be when hair covers everything. Although Shih Tzus shed less than other dos, you may still find their hair around your home. Even if you aren't holding your Shih Tzu, you can get the dog hair on your clothes just from sitting on furniture. While we love our dogs, we don’t love being covered from head to toe in their fur. So, how can you get rid of all the dog hair on your clothes easily and quickly without shaving your dog? Here are 10 methods to remove that pesky hair from your clothes!

Ways to Remove Shih Tzu Hair from Clothes

1. Lint rollers

Lint rollers are extremely popular because they are easy to use, and you can bring them with you wherever you need. This is pretty effective, but you’ll need to go over a spot a few times to make sure you get every hair.

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