What To Do When Your Puppy Won’t Stop Biting Your Pant Legs

Puppies love to bite; it is in their blood. It serves as their means of exploring and learning about the world around them (part of which your pants are). But this can be quite difficult to live with and it can be quite the headache if not checkmated quickly enough. Here are a few tips that can help in managing the situation (and saving your pants).

Re – organize the environment of your puppy by including new equipment like baby gates, utilizing safe and supervised tethering and making it learn to settle in a crate, this makes it possible to use these tools and equipment for brief “time outs” when the need arises.

Secondly, your pup will always have the need to bite soft objects and you should do well to help it to meet such needs by providing other “proper” objects (sturdy toys for dogs, made out of fabric) for it to bite rather than your pants.


You can also teach your puppy other ways in which it can behave. By making it learn to sit while greeting or touching its nose to your hand you can help it to learn new behaviors that are incompatible with biting of your pants.

Creating a two – pronged sequence and consistently using it whenever your pup resumes its pants biting can also help

Pup tries to bite your pants. give the pup a warning cue and offer it a soft – textured dog toy to bite in place of your pants (using short and consistent cues like stop, no, don’t will be easy for both the puppy and you to remember)

This essentially gives the pup two options: listen to you and accept a redirect or continue biting your pants; which is punished by a brief time out (where you deny it of social attention).

To ensure the time out works properly, the words used have to satisfy two conditions only

  1. They should not scare the dog
  2. They are consistently used by you or any other person who has the duty of handling your pup. This consistency in the cues and patterns makes it easy for the pup to learn.


It goes without saying that the bite – warn – timeout process may have to be repeated severally before it catches on and your pup is able to understand that the only way to keep you around is to stop biting your pants or accept to bite the toy in its place when the chance is available. In the end it all depends on consistency and clarity of your message, but they eventually catch on.

On a final and vital note, your pup needs sufficient exercise time and it needs to also have its “puppy crazy time”. Its peak activity time can be reflected in its pants biting pattern and at what times of the day it is at a peak. It might be necessary to leave some puppies alone in a dog – safe – area for a short while during its peak activity times. There they can exert their excess energy and playing, chewing bone, tossing toys until sleep gets the better of them.

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