Wookie the Skateboarding Shih Tzu

There are a lot of things that Shih Tzu can do when it comes to dealing with the lives of their owners. Most people say that you should get a dog that would fit your lifestyle and personality. But sometimes, it is not the case.

The dog has an amazing ability to adjust to his owner and his hobbies. Take this little Shih Tzu for example. Shih tzu are not known for being energetic and sports dogs.

They are famous for being couch potatoes on their owners lap or on the living room. A skateboarding Shih Tzu is quite an impossible dog – not until Wookie came into this world.

 Wookie is not your typical toy dog. Well, physically, he just looks like a small ball of fur, but do not estimate this cutie. Wookie can skateboard and go head to head with his owner.

He can stay on the skateboard while his owner glides away. Amazingly, he never looked scared as his owner enjoys his afternoon carrying him around and placing him on the board every now and then. This type of bonding is not typical for a Shih tzu, as these dogs are not made for muscle busting activities.

It is truly amazing how Wookie withstands the wind and stays on balance as the board glides away. Furthermore, he never flinched when he was being carried on his owner’s palm.

If you were a small Shih Tzu on this skateboard adventure, I bet you wouldn’t stand for a minute and would surely scamper to be placed back on the ground. And that is not the case with our little Wookie here. He may be a true blue Shih tzu, but he has the bravery of a Doberman.

Or maybe he’s just too trusting? Oh well, we will never know. One thing is for sure though, this Shih Tzu is totally adorable. Whether he is on the skateboard or simply looking at you with his gooey puppy eyes. A certified cutie!

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