8 Fruits and Vegetables That Are Poisonous For Your Shih Tzu

    Health 3/2/2017

    If you're a Shih Tzu owner that would do anything for your dog, it's highly likely that you have shared your food with your furry friend. In many cases, it may be safe to feed your dog small bits of food, such as cooked chicken or beef. However, there are some foods that are extremely poisonous to dogs, including fruits and vegetables that are healthy for humans.

    Fluffy Shih Tzu Puppy Plays

    Videos 3/2/2017

    Even at just two months old, this adorable little fur ball is already showing his true Shih Tzu temperament as he explores his owner's sofa. Expect lots of digging, biting and tugging...but who could be annoyed at that sweet face?

    Grace Before Meal

    Videos 3/2/2017

    Humans have different religions, but many of us believe that there is an unseen and powerful force over the universe. As humans, we may pray and worship a higher being, but what about our pets? Here are two Shih Tzu who will remind you how important a prayer before a meal is - in the most adorable way.

    5 Reasons To Buy a Purebred from a Responsible Breeder

    Breed 3/2/2017

    Shih Tzus are undeniably one of the cutest and sweetest dog breeds out there. Their tiny size, adorable smiles, and fantastically soft fur are just a few reasons that dog lovers adore the Shih Tzu. It's hard to see someone walking one of these dogs and not want one yourself. In fact, you may even be reading this because you've been considering adding one of these adorable pups to your household. If you've been thinking about purchasing a Shih Tzu, you may have wondered about where you should purchase your dog. You may have heard negative things about purchasing from

    Funny Shih Tzu That Sneezes On Command

    Videos 3/2/2017

    Shih Tzus certainly are amazing dogs. In this YouTube video, one Shih Tzu has even learned how to sneeze on command! Whether she's actually sneezing or not may be up for debate, but she sure looks and sounds like she is! It's truly wonderful how these cute dogs can learn so many things. They love to be with their owners and make them smile, so it's no surprise that a Shih Tzu would put on such a performance!

    16 Funny Shih Tzu Memes Of All Time

    Breed 3/2/2017

    These Shih Tzu memes will definitely make your day better!

    10 Foods Shih Tzu Should NOT Eat

    Health 3/2/2017

    Like most dogs, the Shih Tzu loves to eat. You'll want to ensure you purchase a high-quality dog food that provides your pet with the nutritional content he or she needs to stay healthy. It may be tempting for you to feed your pet table food as a treat or even for a meal. However, there are certain types of foods that you should never give to your Shih Tzu. A common mistake many owners make is assuming that dogs can eat anything that humans eat. Unfortunately, there are some foods that -- while safe for you and me --

    Facts About Maltese Shih Tzu

    Breed 3/2/2017

    You may be wondering if Maltese Shih Tzus are the right breed for your home. There is no better way to figure that out than to learn more about this special breed. As a designer breed, their main appeal is in their appearance. However, they do have their own unique personalities and temperaments. Learning these facts can help you to decide whether or not this breed will make the perfect new addition to your family.

    Gizmo the Shih Tzu and a Goat

    Videos 3/2/2017

    Shih Tzus are known to be one of the friendliest creatures on earth. Their trusting and joyful demeanor makes them endearing to anyone they meet. They always crave attention and lots of play from everyone around them. They truly are angels sent to this earth to bring positive vibes and smiles to mankind. To prove how gregarious these furballs can be, here is a video of an unlikely friensdship between a Shih Tzu and a completely different species.

    Five Tips on How to Bathe Your Shih Tzu

    Training 3/2/2017

    Bathing a dog can be an interesting experience and one that is often unlike how it is presented in TV shows and movies, where everyone is seemingly having a great time. While some breeds of dogs actually like to swim and don't mind a bath, there are others that do not enjoy the experience at all, which can make bath time a hassle. In fact, most dogs don't like to be dirty, so having a bath is the last thing that they may enjoy.

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